Je suis Charlie … et Baga

I fully agree MMM would make a great SG. As this is a decade for women I hope she will get full support. She is a woman of substance.
Gertrude Chirambo


The three gunmen who murdered Charlie Hebdo journalists and others in Paris last week clearly had no idea of just how much their heinous crimes would galvanize global public support in defence of free speech. Hardly has there been a more poignant example in recent history of how mightier the pen is than the sword.

Today’s march in Paris was nothing short of impressive. In the few days since the Charlie Hebdo journalists were brutally gunned down while doing their jobs, the backlash against the perpetrators and those who would disgustingly revel in what they did has been swift. The world has spoken out resoundingly and unequivocally to say “No! We will not accept this!”

Other than with the immediate aftermath of Nelson Mandela’s passing, I do not think I have ever witnessed an outpouring of emotion by members of the public as I saw today. I watched the Paris…

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